SolaStat Controller



The SUN EQUINOX HEATING SYSTEMS use one of two SolaStat controllers depending on the system you have, residential systems use the SolaStat GDF controller and the commercial systems use the SolaStat 2F controller, both controllers are pre-programmed with the same settings.

Controller set-up

SolaStat controller part breakdown 1 – controller hardware
2 – power supply
3 – pump socket
4 – auxiliary socket
5 – high temp. collector sensor
6 – upper tank sensor
7 – lower tank sensor

SolaStat Controls

– on
– off

Hot Water Control
– holdoff
– lower reheat
– and upper reheat

– Bio safe
– Topout temperature
– Frost
– pump display: oF/oC

SolaStat Resetting

We ship the SolaStat pre-programmed and ready to go, but the all the settings are installer adjustable.

(Need help resetting the SolaStat back to factory settings)