illustration of system breakdown

System Breakdown


tank image The SUN EQUINOX storage tank is made of corrosion-free plastic and contains stainless steel corrugated pipe heat exchangers. It is a combination hot water storage tank and flow water heater system with properties which are particularly water hygienic.
Available in two different sizes, 79 gallon mini and the 132 gallon maxi, it is suited to fit almost every application.

– Optimum water hygiene
– High comfort
– Ideal for solar energy use


solar image Glycol-free, unpressurized, full drain-back system is the best solution for solar thermal.

– Eliminates freezing issues
– No heat loss
– No glycol
– Extends equipment life expectancy



heater image Our systems works great with solar, but solar contribution is just part of the equation, you need a back up heat source.

We design the system first with a very efficient ODW heater, and for our set-ups the Noritz and Quietside heaters are just that.



pump image The commercial and residential SUN EQUINOX SYSTEMS have very different pump set-ups. Commercial set-ups pump to the solar field and heaters and return together in the storage tank. The controller turns the pump off when the storage water reaches the desired temperature.

Residential set-ups divert the water to the collectors when solar heat is available, otherwise they pump to the heater directly.


controller image The SUN EQUINOX HEATING SYSTEM uses one of two SolaStat controllers, depending on the system type. Residential systems use the SolaStat GDF controller and the Commercial systems use the SolaStat 2F controller. Both controllers are pre-programmed with the same settings.